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This Wilco Acrylic Yellow Line Marker comes in a 750ml aerosol canister and is ideal for road markings with a high colour pigment and is fast drying. This line marker is a blend of high quality pigments, resins hardeners and fast drying solvents that drys in 30 minutes and is fully cured in 24 hours. Wilco line marker can be applied either by hand as a spot marker, or alternatively used in conjunction with a line marking applicator.

Wilco acrylic line marker can be used on asphalt, concrete, gravel and grass.

Directions for use:

- Check surface to be marked is dry and free from dust or grease.

- Shake can vigorously until shaker balls move, then for a further 30 seconds.

- The nearer the aerosol is to the ground, the more accurate and denser the line.

- After use spray upright away from the eyes, the clear the nozzle.

Wilco acrylic line marker is a popular choice for road and grass markings across Ireland and the UK.

Wilco Line Marker

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