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Val6 Radiant Infrared Heater – 20/40kW Mobile, low noise, dust free radiant heat.

For indoor and outdoor use.


  • Heat transfer without air movement
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable
  • For exact spot heating
  • Large fuel tank
  • Easy to transport


Spot heating is heating just where it is required. Radiant heat travels horizontally and, unlike air, does not rise instantly. This allows heating to be directed exactly where it is needed, thus increasing efficiency.

The Val6 radiant heater runs on either diesel or kerosene, which is more economical than gas or electricity. There is no chimney due to the excellent combustion, which requires only a sufficient air flow.

The new 2-Step Val6 gives you more control over the heat output by allowing you to switch between 20kW and 40kW heat output.
Various optional accessories are available.

Type Val6 (240V) Val6 (240V, 2-Step) Val6 (110V, 2-Step)
Heating Capacity 40kW
140,000BTU 40kW
Low: 70,000BTU
High: 140,000BTU 40kW
Low: 70,000BTU
High: 140,000BTU

VAL 6 Infra-Red Oil Heater

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