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Bodyguards Finite® Orange Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves GL201


Versatile: Thicker than a standard disposable, it offers the choice of use as a heavy duty disposable glove or a lightweight re-usable glove.
Grip Pattern: Features a diamond grip pattern over the entire glove which optimises surface performance and ensures an exceptional grip.
Strength Superior strength nitrile formulation provides exceptional resistance to tears and punctures even in the toughest environments.
Powder Free: Minimises particulate contamination where product protection is of paramount importance.
Sensitive Skin: No Latex proteins - eliminates protein sensitisation.
Food Contact: Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact.
Palm Thickness (mm) - without texture: 0.13
Palm Thickness (mm) - with texture: 0.25

PH Bodyguard Gloves

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