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MARSHALLTOWN Finisher’s Totes™ offers a convenient solution to carrying your Bull Float and Poles in one convenient package. The Tote bag has an open-ended bracket window and outside cinching straps to conveniently hold 4’ Levels, Darbies, Trowels, Mag Floats, and Brooms. Made from double-layer nylon that stays durable through watery conditions, the reinforced base and stiffened side panels make this product even more reliable. Optimize your Finisher’s Tote™ by choosing your preferred MARSHALLTOWN or QLT blade style, Bull Float Bracket style, handle type, and pole diameter.

  • Holds both 1-3/4" and 1-3/8" Handles
  • BFKIT Part Numbers are a magnesium blade
  • Blade styles: square end, round end, channel float, or QLT round end
  • Choose from a variety of bracket styles, handles, and pole diameters
  • Comes in either MARSHALLTOWN or contractor-grade QLT brand

Marshalltown Finishers Tote

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