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  • Bradex Easy Start can be used on both mobile and stationary engines such as generators.

  • Bradex Easy Start gets you moving, whatever the weather.

  • Starts all engines fast, including both petrol and diesel
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works down to -20°C
  • No damaging effect
  • To use Bradex Easy Start with a diesel engine, spray the formula into the air intake whilst turning the ignition key. It will improve the combustibility within the engine to help your car to start more easily. Engines fail to start for many reasons, including inactivity, fuel quality, damp, cold or electrical problems. Bradex Easy Start is a quick and simple way to get around these problems. If you use Bradex and your engine still fails to start, you might need to visit a mechanic, but in most cases Bradex will get you moving.

Holts Bradex Easy Start

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