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Gardencare GCMT262K trimmer, hedge cutter & pruner multi-tool


This multi-tool is a versatile piece of kit. Whether it is for trimming longer grass, clearing brambles and thicker weeds, cutting your hedges or pruning hard to reach branches on your trees, this is the machine needed to easily complete these jobs. The Gardencare 4-in-1 Multi-Tool attachments fit quickly into the engine unit, transforming this powerful single machine into a versatile multi-tasking tool. It also comes with an improved extension system and anti-vibration handle, allowing you to work for longer. Its Kawasaki 27cc 2-stroke engine offers the reliability and durability you expect from japanese products.


  • Pull start
  • Shaft - Straight
  • Handle - Loop
  • Blade - N/A
  • Harness - Single strap
  • Fuel - N/A
  • Power value - 27cc
  • Attachments -
    • Hedge trimmer
    • Strimmer (Butterfly Head, 3 Tooth Blade)
    • Pole Pruner

Gardencare GCMT262K

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