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Flat Fan spray nozzle for every job on farm or field with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and more.


Flat fan nozzles are a highly versatile nozzle suitable for the application of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators.

Ideally used in multiples of two or more on spray booms, due to their overlapping spray pattern

Suitable for Cooper Pegler boom lances with multiple nozzles and usable on other sprayers including; Micron KS16, Mesto, Berthoud and Hardi.

A range of nozzles ensures a wide range of droplet sizes can be achieved ensuring effective coverage can be achieved in all situations. 

For knapsack application look for the Evenspray nozzles


Always check the pesticide product label for recommended nozzle or BCPC spray ’quality’. Please consider using a low volume or low-drift nozzle where appropriate. 'Fine' spray quality is most at risk of drift.

Spray quality and areas of use

Medium spray:

  • Grass herbicides
  • Foliar fungicides
  • Most pre & post emergent pesticides

Fine spray quality:

  • Late-applied fungicides
  • Early-applied insecticides

Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

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