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Lightweight, small top handle chainsaw.This is a top handle chainsaw, you will need a climbing chainsaw license if you wish to purchase this machine. We will request a copy of your license once the order has been placed. Echo chainsaws have a near pefect weight distribution which provides excellent balance and are light weight enough to be used throughout the day without causing excessive user fatigue.Packed with innovative features, grouped controls and a ergonomic top handle makes this chainsaw a great climbing saw.The engine produces 1.10kW giving this chaisnaw a superior power to weight ratio. Complete with a G-force engine air pre-cleaner reduces engine exposure to dirt and debris for less maintenance and a stage 2 low emissions compliant, which reduced exhaust emissions.A swing out lanyard ring enhances balance and easy climbing.This product is part of ECHO’s X Series range of “best-in-class” products.Supplied with a 2 year professional warranty.


Echo CS-25111TES Top Handle Chainsaw

    • Engine displacement: 25.0cc
    • Output: 1.10 kW
    • Dry weight: 2.3 kg
    • Bar size: 25 cm / 10 inches
    • Vibration: 3.5 m/s / 4.0 m/s
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