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CP8 Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayer 8L


The professional compression sprayer, newly included in the CP range! Designed to meet the needs of both the home gardener and the horticulturalist requiring professional results, the CP8 offers you performance and comfort.


Its new robust and ergonomic shape allows the sprayer to be emptied completely (no retention zone) and ensure both efficient pumping (only 20 pump strokes to achieve working pressure) and ease of use.

Its safety valve releases at 3 bars -with only 0.2 bar loss - ideal for all insecticide and fungicide applications.


Key Features:

  • Net / Total capacity: 8 L
  • Comfortable opening (9 cm wide) with easy access for total emptying and cleaning operations
  • Robust and lightweight design, with a comfortable carrying handle and a wide base for stability
  • Transparent tank for accurate dosage
  • High resistance GRP lance adaptable for all types of nozzles
  • Double filtration system to clean impurities before nozzle outlet
  • Adjustable, non-absorbent shoulder strap
  • Versatile (for gardens and DIY) with VITON Ultra High Resistance seals

Cooper Pegler CP8 Sprayer

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