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TypeEngine NumberMachineNotes
LubeIsuzu 4BD1EX90 
LubeIsuzu 4BD1EX100, EX100-1, EX100M 
LubeIsuzu 4BD1EX100-2, EX100-3 
LubeIsuzu 4BG1EX100-5, EX100M-5 
LubeIsuzu 4BD1EX100M-2, EX100M-3 
LubeIsuzu 4BD1TEX100WD-2/EX100WD-3Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BG1EX110-5 
LubeIsuzu 4BD1TEX120/EX120-1Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BD1TEX120-2/EX120-3Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BG1TEX130/EX135 
LubeIsuzu 4BG1TEX130-5/EX130H-5Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BG1EX135/EX135USRFull Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BD1TEX150/EX150-1 
LubeIsuzu 4BG1TEX150-5Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BG1TEX150LC-5Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BG1EX160-5Full Flow
LubeIsuzu 4BG1EX1651-12 Thd

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