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Twin Flow: the doubly efficient high pressure washer.

The Dualtech Technology System can be found on the AR Blue Clean DTS Series 4.0 and 5.0 Twin Flow models of high pressure washers. Hard working, innovative and versatile, they provide unprecedented performance thanks to the synergy of 2 Power Units which double the water flow. The newly marketed Twin Flow high pressure washers were designed for numerous applications and, based on the type of work to be done, you can choose whether to run just one or both Power Units by means of the special switch. How does it work? By selecting the ECO Soft Cleaning mode, one Power Unit is activated for light washing, and is particularly suitable for wooden surfaces, cars, bicycles, patio furniture and outdoor fabrics. But both Power Units are activated with the FAST Cleaning mode: thanks to the dual flow of water, the washing job will go much faster, and be more intense and more effective. It’s therefore ideal for removing the most stubborn dirt from resistant surfaces such as stone and concrete slabs, stairs, swimming pools, brick walls and metal railings. High performance, versatility and close attention to details: thanks to the telescopic handle and the wide rubber wheels, the high pressure washers can be easily moved around, and the rubber feet on the back of the machine help protect it from impacts. There is also sufficient space for the accessories holder. In addition to the practical static hose reel, there is a nozzle pocket and two additional lance holders on the back of each high pressure washer so that everything can be kept in its place after the job is done.

AR Twin Flow 4.0

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