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Suitable For: Commercial Painting, Decking, Doors, Exteriors, Floor & Ceiling, Interior, Walls


Operating Pressure:    3000 PSI    

Spray Tip Pattern Size:    0.023 in    
Compatible Material:    Exterior Paint, Interior Paint    

Power Requirements:    220V    Power:    2000 W
Max Nozzle:    0.023 in  

Flow Rate:    2.5 L/min
Pump Type: 1800w brush-less motor

Hose Length:    15m

Item Height: 18.7"/ 48.5 cm


Package Includes:    

1 x Wall Paint Spray Gun    
1 x 15m high pressure pipe    
1 x Extension Rod    

1 x Hose

1 x Spray Gun Tip

1 x Nozzle & Base 
1 x Pressure Regualating Valve

1 x Feeding Pipe


2000w High Pressure Paint Sprayer

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