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100L 12V ATV Quad Agricultural Sprayer Electric Spot Sprayer with Pressure Hose


This 12 Volt Sprayers covers from 50L to 100L capacity HDPE stabilizer polyethylene tank and are supplied as a self contained complete unit. 


This new designer sprayers deliver constant flow, no pulsation and the highest pressure for distance spraying.


Equipped with:

  • High strength handle switch 
  • 70MM stainless steel sprayer lance
  • Adjustable copper nozzle
  • 6 meters of high pressure hose 
  • Rated pressure is 20BAR
  • 2.5 meters battery cable with DC quick-plug and quick-clip power connection
  • Pressure regulating vale for better pressure relief and discharge and spray effect
  • Dial readings are clear and easy to record pressure data in different scenarios


Pressure gauge (Optional): Clear display the pressure valve, easy to adjust the pressure at any time.

Durable HDPE stabilized ply tank for long life.

Blow molding tank has uniform thickness and can take high impact force.

Large filling lid helps prevent spillage when filling. 

Lance clips beside ensures neat store and avoids lance dragging on the ground. 

Water inlet filter can effectively prevent water impurities into the pump. 


60/100L Quad Sprayer

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